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Conservation - Georgian (1702-1837)

The Georgian period 1702-1837

The Georgian period gets its name from a period starting in 1714 when George 1st – the first of four Kings, all named George – took to the British throne. It is used to describe a time period of over 150 years and includes the architectural styles of Baroque, Palladian, Adam and Regency. More than any other period in English history, Georgian architecture drew its influence from the classical styling of Ancient Greece and Rome. Baroque was full of extravagant, opulent ornamentation, whereas the later periods were based in the principles of symmetry, grace through proportion, elegant decoration, and the use of the classical "orders". If Baroque was considered unnecessarily flamboyant, then Georgian classicism was the antithesis of this with refined understated elegance

Our Works related to this period...

PAYE Conservation have completed numerous projects to both buildings and artifacts within this important architectural period. Works range from preventative surveying of large mansion houses developing strategies for repair through to remedial works stabilising and conserving decorative plaster and stone typical of the period

PAYE Completed Projects

Listed below are some Conservation Projects completed by PAYE Conservation. Clicking on a project will take you to a larger image

St Martin in the Field
Cliveden House South Terrace
Duke of York Column
Darnley Mausoleum

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