PAYE Conservation is a specialist division within PAYE

Under the stewardship of ICON accredited Conservator Spencer Hall ACR, PAYE Conservation offer a refined service to Conservation Architects, Trusts & Bodies (such as Historic England and The National Trust) and a range of private clients looking to preserve and protect historic buildings and their contents. We have a complete range of in-house skills and as such are expert and proficient at providing everything from initial specialist Consultancy services through to the complete delivery of complex Conservation and Restoration projects..

Conservation at Work

PAYE Conservation believe it is imperative that only craftspeople who are experienced with traditional materials should ever undertake a repair in a building (or on an object) of historical significance. We always ensure that all works are extensively documented in both photographic and annotated forms; before, during and after any intervention to provide a greater understanding of the building/objects chronology for the future.

Listed below are our current specialisms.

Our Philosophy & Approach…

PAYE are fully aware of the complexities that exist within each specific project and whilst not a rigid set of rules to adhere to; PAYE Conservation try with their best endeavours, to apply the following general philosophy of approach to project work

Analysis (mortars/paints)

PAYE Conservation complete a range of analytical services to identify existing historical finishes. This analysis is often critical in allowing an understanding of the original substrate and any later interventions. This analysis can often prove critical in shaping an approach to works…

Report writing/scheduling (for tendering and grant aiding)

In order to help secure grant funding and aid Listed Building Application approval PAYE Conservation are available to undertake condition surveys of suitable content which fulfil the required criteria.

Range of works from site to fine (museum quality)

PAYE Conservation not only conserve and restore the fabric of the buildings they work on, but often the decorative objects and elements within. We have a wealth of experience in both preventative and remedial conservation to sculpture, fireplaces, plasterwork and other decorative finishes

Project Management of complex multi-faceted works

Supported by its mother company PAYE, PAYE Conservation are well equipped to deliver complex conservation and restoration projects as both principle contractor and specialist subcontractor. PAYE maintain an exemplary health and safety record and meet the quality assurance standards expected of a number of Nationally recognised accredited schemes…

Paye Conservation - Accreditation

Accreditation – Spencer Hall ACR

PAYE Conservation is overseen by Head of Conservation Spencer Hall ACR. Spencer is an ICON accredited conservator (specialising in Plaster and Stone) with over 20 years experience in the field. He has in this time worked for a number of the countries leading conservation companies in both a self-employed and employed capacity and completed works to many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings…