About Us

PAYE Conservation

Under the stewardship of ICON accredited Spencer Hall ACR – Head of Conservation, PAYE Conservation offer a refined service to Conservation Architects, Trusts & Bodies (such as Historic England and The National Trust) and a range of private clients looking to preserve and protect historic buildings and their contents. We have a complete range of in-house skills and as such are expert and proficient at providing everything from initial specialist Consultancy services through to the complete delivery of complex Conservation and Restoration projects. Supported by its mother company PAYE. PAYE Conservation are well equipped to deliver complex conservation and restoration projects as both principle contractor and specialist subcontractor. PAYE maintain an exemplary health and safety record and meet the quality assurance standards expected of a number of Nationally recognised accredited schemes…


PAYE are committed to developing their ongoing understanding of the complexities within the subject of conservation and as such are proactive in attending seminars and conferences to share experiences and learn from others within the field. PAYE Conservation are also involved in long term educational programme; with a number of employees each year partaking In a part time Masters course in the subject. Students maintain their role in the business and bring the benefit of live project work to the forum to combine with theoretical studies. PAYE regularly offer work placements and apprenticeships to promising young people trying to enter the marketplace. We see this as an important role in passing on the skills learnt throughout our organisation and developing the next generation of historic building specialists. If you are interested in applying to work with our organisation, please contact spencerhall@paye.net

PAYE Conservation are specialists in;

  • Stonework – Plasterwork
  • Statuary – Mosaics
  • Metalworks – Paints/finishes
  • Brick – Terra cotta
  • Stucco render
  • Mosaics
  • Artworks
  • Decorative concrete