Specialisms - Artworks


PAYE are often called upon to help complete works to internationally important artworks. These include both the classical and the contemporary and have included sculpture, mosaics and painted pieces. The sensitivity required when approaching these pieces is second nature to the conservators at PAYE and being fully versed in both the materials and the context by which they sit

Analysis & Surveying

We are by definition Arts Conservators and as such have an innate understanding and sensitivity to ‘works of art’. These artworks can take a wide variety of forms including; paintings and both traditional and modern sculpture (in a variety of mediums)

Preventative Works

Advisory recommendations will take into consideration monitoring and maintenance of a stable environment. These factors can influence hugely the survival of works and PAYE Conservation are well versed in identifying where interventions are required

Remedial Works

Remedial conservation in this context can often mean interventions to safeguard the longevity of the piece. In some instances this may result in the relocation of works to a location where they are greater protected or less prone to external forces (see Henry Moore and Banksy case studies as examples)