Specialisms - Brick


PAYE have long developed techniques for conserving and restoring historic brickwork. These generally involve the removal of later inappropriate cement repairs/pointing which are the root cause of most damage. Once removed, our analysis allows us to recreate the closest possible match original material to safeguard works going forwards

Analysis & Surveying

Identifying brick types and previous interventions are key to understanding the chronology of works and developing repair strategies. Chemical analysis is critical to this together with the interpretation of results. Facades are documented in both photographic and annotated forms to provide an ‘as existing’ record

Preventative Works

Often the cause of damage to brickwork is the use of later inappropriate cement which is harder than the brick. This can have a deleterious effect by both preventing any subtle movement flexibility resulting in fractures and causing any moisture to be drawn through the brick (rather than the joint) potentially exacerbating freeze/thaw damage. Understanding the cause is often more important than addressing the effects

Remedial Works

As highlighted above, works can incorporate everything from pointing removal and replacement through to brick replacement. PAYE work closely with traditional brick manufacturers and specialist reclamation yards to identify the closest possible match for any replacement works to match colour, size and texture