Specialisms - Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete

PAYE Conservation are at the forefront of applying a conservation approach to a number of iconic 20th Century buildings. We have had proven successes in the fields of concrete conservation & restoration and look to continually develop longer term strategies in conservation. Modern building techniques are the result of a time of experimentation using unproven methods and as such often unprecedented failures are witnessed

Analysis & Surveying

Understanding 20th Century construction techniques and methods is essential in identifying the causes of failure. Being au fait with these modern approaches to buildings inform how a programme of conservation works can be developed. Material analysis and documenting failure patterns can often inform where problems exist and the interpretation of this information is critical

Preventative Works

A lack of understanding and incompatibility of materials is often the root cause of building failure. Close attention to design detailing is paramount to understanding how buildings function. The management and mismanagement of rainwater in the cavity, ventilation and Interstitial condensation are all primary aspects that need to be considered

Remedial Works

Remedial works must address the cause of failure. These typically involve treating a variety of materials including the substructure itself – which can require a level of exposure. These interventions generally consist of the removal of inappropriate repairs and/or damage and the replacement with bespoke mortars to match existing