Specialisms - Mosaics


From Roman archaeology to modernist examples, PAYE Conservation are well experienced with developing strategies for conservation and restoration. From removal of inappropriate mortars applied in the 20th century to stabilising the substrate behind PAYE have a team of specialists who can help

Analysis & Surveying

Surveying would normally take the form of non-intrusive visual recording combined with ‘tap testing’ (to establish any delamination). These findings can then where appropriate be supported with the addition of intrusive testing (opening up works through to chemical analysis). The interpretation of these findings is then often enough to guide a strategy of stabilisation and/or repair

Preventative Works

Often the single most important preventative approach to conserving external mosaics will be in the maintenance of the building envelope and limiting water ingress. Once water has penetrated a façade, freeze/thaw actions only exacerbate this further. Internal pieces require the maintenance of a stable environment too – as jumps in temperature and Relative Humidity can also have a deleterious effect. PAYE Conservation are competent at both monitoring and providing advisory guidance where required

Remedial Works

As described above, if preventative works have been completed and failure has already occurred, then it is paramount that these elements are addressed to prevent at the earliest possible juncture to prevent a wider scale of works developing. Remedial works to older examples are often in relation to the removal of previous inappropriate repairs. Techniques have therefore been developed over time to work on a wide variety of mediums and in a variety of contexts