Specialisms - Paints / Finishes


Our analytical services allow us to develop an understanding of our architectural heritage before we complete any interventional works or specify materials for use. This makes us best placed to then complete both the conservation and restoration of pictorial works on easel, marouflage canvases through to the reinstatement of architectural gilding and specialist paint finishes

Analysis & Surveying

Analysis will normally involve in the first instance the collection of samples (often taken from a number of differing areas to give a good overall view of works and eradicate anomalies). A technical assessment is then completed of the samples via cross sectional analysis in visible and UV light, together with limited stain tests (for media) and microchemical tests (for pigments). Where it is felt polarised light microscopy will also add to the understanding of the paint films, this is also undertaken. On completion of all analysis, results are collated and a conclusive report produced. The identification of both pigments and paint mediums allow us to form a greater understanding of a buildings chronology

Preventative Works

Environmental monitoring can play a key role in safeguarding historic material. PAYE Conservation are adept at identifying unsuitable environmental conditions and complete monitoring exercises to identify potential problems. Issues identified can then be dealt with and where necessary remedial works undertaken

Remedial Works

Our craftspeople are proficient in stabilising areas of damage or loss and where required complete restoration works. PAYE are able to complete everything from the removal of inappropriate paint layers to the completion of touching in to highly finished paintings; where damaged. Our team can execute works to internal and external painted surfaces, gilding, French polishing, marbling and varnishing