Specialisms - Statuary


As a result of our artistic backgrounds (many conservators find conservation following studies via Fine Art or Classics degrees) our workforce have an innate appreciation of classical sculpture and architecture. Understanding the iconography together with the materials they are constructed from makes us best prepared for completing both conservation and restoration. Our surveying of the material is critical to this and often influences whether a piece requires intervention or is stable and can be maintained. We are also well experienced at handling, packing and transporting pieces from various locations around the country including to and from Museums and Art Galleries

Analysis & Surveying

Condition surveys are a key requirement in the long term protection of statuary works. These surveys will often contextualise the object, note areas of concern, previous interventions and external factors which may influence the ongoing stability of pieces. Statuary is also routinely surveyed if it is to go out on loan (with observations noted and recommendations made for transportation)

Preventative Works

As with our works described under ‘Artworks’, our advisory works take into consideration the monitoring and (where possible) maintenance of a stable environment. This can sometimes; for insitu works, include the influence of external forces, such as encroaching trees or shrubs. Advising on the maintenance of the environment can often be enough to prevent the necessity of any remedial works

Remedial Works

Where remedial works are required, PAYE Conservation are overtly sensitive to the nature of any intervention. Stabilising an object is our principle aim and this is often centred around the removal of later deleterious ‘repairs’ which are actually the cause of breakdown. No works are undertaken without careful consideration to the context and history of the piece and documentation of works before, during and afterwards is essential