Specialisms - Stonework & Mortars

Stonework & Mortars

PAYE have a proven track record in their approach to stonework restoration. Conservation principles have therefore inevitably always played a part in the companies core business, but now with a dedicated team of experienced stone conservators, it can come to the fore when required. Analysis of material plays a key role in this understanding

Analysis & Surveying

Identifying stone and mortars. Detailing decay mechanisms. Chemical analysis undertaken to establish constituent parts and probable ratios to allow for close reproduction of historic mortars (matching colour, texture and permeability)

Preventative Works

Often the key to preventive works is managing the impact of environmental factors, including the removal of moss and algaes – which may harbour moisture and exacerbate decay

Remedial Works

The majority of our work in this area revolves around the removal of inappropriate mortars and repairs. Cement was used in such abundance over the last 100 years and most of our work now requires its removal and replacement with a more appropriate lime medium