Specialisms - Terracotta / Faience

Terracotta & Faience

PAYE have a wealth of experience in dealing with both Terracotta & Faience. Conservation can take the form of introducing preventative measures to safeguard longevity, repair and reconstruction of damaged elements through to the reinstatement of damaged lost specialist glazes

Analysis & Surveying

Identifying defects and understanding causes are essential for developing the most appropriate conservation and maintenance strategies. PAYE have completed numerous Faience & Terracotta works and as such a conservation approach has always been a necessary element of our works

Preventative Works

Managing rainwater and maintaining the buildings weathering mouldings are paramount in protecting terracotta and faience as a building material

Remedial Works

Damaged elements can be salvaged and pinned in order to retain original material. Once stabilised and repair mortars introduced, we are then able to reproduce in-situ cold glazing techniques to repair damaged and lost finishes and prevent further water ingress