Conservation - Victorian (1837-1910)

The Victorian period 1837-1910

Queen Victoria reigned from June 20th, 1837 to January 22, 1901. The Victorian era of architecture reflects this time frame and rather than the strict classical styles of the previous Georgian period, now included interpretations and eclectic revivalist styles mixed with the introduction of Middle Eastern and Asian influences. Styles of architecture within the rather short time period included; Jacobethan, Romanesque, Renaissance, Gothic and Queen Anne Revivalism, Neoclassicism and Italianate finishing with the British Arts and Crafts movement which started towards the end of the century. All in all it was a time where construction innovations influenced design and its use of prefabrication and standardisation became a pointer to the future of architecture

Our Works in this architectural period…

Because of the rich ornamentation from this period PAYE Conservation have completed a wide range of works to both objects and the buildings that contain them. We offer our advisory services to clients and where required employ both preventative and remedial techniques to protect buildings for future generations

Experienced Craftspeople…

PAYE Conservation believe it is imperative that only craftspeople who are experienced with traditional materials should ever undertake a repair in a building (or on an object) of historical significance.We always ensure that all works are extensively documented in both photographic and annotated forms; before, during and after any intervention (to provide a greater understanding of the building/objects chronology for the future). This can prove invaluable in developing and maintaining an associated archive

PAYE Completed Projects

Listed below are some Conservation Projects completed by PAYE Conservation.

Architectural Timeline

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Featured Project – Fitzroy Place Chapel

The Chapel is located in the centre of what was the old Middlesex Hospital site in Fitzrovia, W1. As part of a large scale development, PAYE Conservation were called upon to conserve and restore the Chapel both internally and externally. The Chapel ceilings, friezes, and Chapel murals were completed in Venetian glass (Smalti) and gold mosaic (by Orsoni & Son) and have an overwhelming impact. Internally, we firstly protected the mosaics using a conservation grade ‘facing-up’ paper. This protected all of the decorative elements during the major scale redevelopment works externally; safeguarding their retention. Once this large scale work had been completed, the protective tissue was removed and the restoration could be undertaken. Once removed a detailed inspection of the mosaics was undertaken and a strategy for conservation and restoration developed. A thorough but sympathetic cleaning regime was completed before much of the tesserae was re-grouted and in places; where large quantities of missing gold and glass mosaic were found, full reinstatement. In some areas re-gilding was required before a final wax polish treatment was applied